The Cutest Music On Earth

If you're a fan of MIDI, the tinkly electronic sounds that conjure up a group of kittens or baby bunnies playing instruments and you also happen to enjoy the compositions of Eric Bachmann, you will LOVE these MIDI versions of Archers of Loaf songs.

I want to pinch the cheeks of these songs and smother them with hugs.

[Note: It's a link to the Crooked Fingers message board, so I will use this opportunity to hop out on a tangent and remind anyone who cares that Ball of Wax is being released on DVD tomorrow, March 8. Wow, I'm really glad I don't have to draw a structure tree for that sentence, because it's a real mother. Also a real mother: Ball of Wax.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ball of Wax is now in my NetFlix queue!-AH

4:02 PM  

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